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Call for Captains

You can join a unique “team” with 36 captains. These are the leaders who recruit the 300+ readers we need for the summer session of Hooked on Books! at the Neighborhood Art House.


It Takes a Village...

Many people help to make Hooked on Books! Successful. The Captains and Readers from the Erie Area companies and organizations are the core of the summer reading program...


Bookin' It for Kids

We want to put back the “fun” in fundraising!
A collaborative fund-raiser benefiting Hooked on Books! and the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House.


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"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children."

Becoming A Nation of Readers: Report of Commission on Reading

How Hooked on Books! Makes a Difference

Dr. Sarfinski reading to children

Dr. Sarfinski

Our Mission

Hooked on Books! is an organization of committed adults whose mission is to instill a knowledge and love of books in children whose circumstances may offer little opportunity to gain this knowledge and love otherwise. By evincing enthusiasm for reading and by carefully choosing appropriate books, the adult "reading pals" in the program open up for the children in the inner-city exciting new worlds of knowledge and imaginative power. This dynamic interaction between a caring adult and a child benefits the children in many ways:

  • By increasing reading comprehension
  • By increasing vocabulary
  • By building listening comprehension
  • By developing the skills to learn from books which, in turn, build the knowledge to succeed in school and life
  • By developing self-confidence